Super Warrior video, sickness that is VISTO on the lens

Devastating video from Salt Water Samurai who we had the pleasure of gigging with on thursday night at Catch in Shoreditch. Check them out!!

This is a track released on OIB’s Best of Brighton compilation earlier this year. We recorded the drums in a tiny room in Danalogue’s flat through an ancient Trident analogue desk lent to us by Jack ‘Silko’ Eveleigh who joins the group for live sound and FX now and then.

Really happy with how crunchy the hihats ended up..hope we can get that kind of grime on the next record.

SuperWarrior played live with sick visuals from Innerstrings Psychedelic Lightshow, our set before jamming with Damo Suzuki last weekend.

bom tibom ti bom ti claahh bom pshhh

recorded on broken 8-track tape as fuck in a lil room at Danalogue’s old flat. Reverb from playing back onto tape through old fender amp. Left for dead on tapes, recently salvaged and mixed a lil bit.

Lost Tape Sessions.

Danalogue and Beatamax jamming with the man Damo Suzuki

Us playing a set before jamming with Damo Suzuki at the Green Door Store, Brighton at the weekend.

Stunning visuals from Innerstrings Psychedelic Lightshow, thanks to Chris Tomset for somehow filming this as well as doing the projections!

We’d only finished writing this about a day before we went into Maida Vale for Steve Lamacq’s show, but we love taking risks and riding the adrenalin wave!

The Dance of Shiva is about the dance we are all doing, every organism on the every person is another expression of the universe, the energy and matter have come together as far as we know into an apex, the self aware human, aware of the greater universe and it’s own existence. But deep deep deep down, who are you?

Alan Watts talks about us all acting our role in the theatre of life, but forgetting that it is actually just a role or a mask, and underneath the glint in your eye is the Hindu creator/destroyer god Shiva, and every being is an expression of shiva! - so whoever you meet is quite funny really, you can just say ‘ooh, what a strange form Shiva has come in today, quite marvellous!’

So yeah, we ain’t raving Hindu’s - like an empty mine, the big branded religions are hard to dig, with all the mess and complications, but notions like this can make it all a little better sometimes.


Us roughin up Maida Vale Studio with our live analogues and unwashed hair.. props to Steve Lamacq for inviting us!